iD Classic Pants Plus/Super

The iD unisex incontinence pant has been designed to keep you dry and protect your skin all day long, thanks to its breathable materials and improved top sheet with all-natural ingredients. Approved by dermatologists, iD unisex incontinence pants provide complete skin protection.

  • Fast absorption – Instant dryness
  • 100% Breathable – Less risk of irritation and less risk of allergy
  • Treated top sheet with: Chamomile – known for its soothing and calming properties, Vitamin E - a natural ingredient with antioxidant properties and Zn O* - A natural purifying mineral component, zinc oxide is very good to protect the skin

iD Direct offer a fantastic selection of incontinence products from lightweight pads through to incontinence pants and disposable underwear. 

Overall Rating


I was asked to take part in a trial regarding ID pull up pants for night time use for my incontinence .

So I am pleased to say the trial was a big hit for me.  When the pack arrived I was a little concerned about whether they would be any any good as I normaly wear tena slips at night as I sleep heavy and on my side.

First I put a towelling sheet under me just in case of any leaks first night I woke up a couple of times and expected the worst leaks but I needent of worried - nothing, which I was impressed with so as the trial went on for almost 2 weeks I became very confident using and wearing them. And I may try some to wear during the day too. I would feel confident to use any time and recommend you try. Plus the elastication is quite good no pinching or gathering they held together well.

The product is perfect for any time use and I will be using again.

Can't think of any more to say accept the slight gather or frills on the legs made my wife chuckle a bit.

David (Aug 21) 5.0/5

The pants fit very well and feel comfortable wearing all day and night. They are very absorbent with no leakage. I only had to change twice in a 24 hour period. There were also no unpleasant odours.

Nicola (Aug 21) 5.0/5

I love this product - did the job brilliantly but was a bit bulky. I would give it a 4 out of 5. I would definitely buy.

Caroline (Aug 21) 4.0/5

The package that arrived looked good, it was a pleasant surprise to see them packaged so well. 

Upon opening, and examination of the pants they looked to be well made. They were stitched well, no snags on stitching and appeared to be quite stretchy. They didn’t feel thick or bulky at all. The pants were easy to pull on, and felt fairly comfortable. They were a little tight around the legs, the elastic felt like it was stretched to the limit, which made them a little uncomfortable to wear without having that ‘digging in’ feeling. 

If they had been the next size up they would have been fine. They were very easy to wear to bed, and during the day, and I felt comfortable wearing and sleeping in them. I wasn’t worried about leaks, as they did feel secure and thick enough to hold any accidents. 

I slept a lot better on the nights that I wore them, and would definitely buy them if the size were a little bigger. The pants do give the feeling that you’re just wearing normal pants, but you know that you’re not - but they’re there to keep you safe and secure. They didn’t become baggy or leak at all. A little more stretch around the leg and they would be perfect for me

Beverley (Aug 21) 4.0/5

The pants fit very well and feel comfortable wearing all day and night. They are very absorbent with no leakage. I only had to change twice in a 24 hour period. There were also no unpleasant odours.

Nicola (Jul 21) 5.0/5

I used this product and found it useful for my incontinence when sleeping. As I suffer with epilepsy and can't control my bladder while in a seizure they were really effective. My only problem with this product was it felt very bulky between the legs an has the weather has been hot I found they rubbed the inside of my legs making them sore.

Susan (Jul 21) 4.0/5

I have tried this pack of 10 pants over the last couple of weeks. The pack is compact containing 10 medium pants nicely folded, the outside of the pack is very informative. On opening up a pair it is obvious which is front and back, they have a large coverage area of padding so I immediately thought they were very big! But they actually fit very well once you pull them on, so are appropriate for both sexes.  I found using at night they were very comfortable, they stayed in place as I don't sleep well and move about a lot. I can get up a couple of times a night for the loo, and almost always leak before I get there, also leak if I have a bad sneeze! So can often change underwear, but with iD pant on this leakage is absorbed well to save changing clothes. Absorption is very good, I never felt wet even when once I had a lot of urine leak, the pants held it well, everything was absorbed by the padding. The pants are easy to rip and remove, fold and secure with attached tape then dispose of. I didn't notice any offensive smells!

I am pleased it has a treated top sheet layer, so I know my skin is safe using the pants.

Overall these are effective, comfortable and safe for skin. I recommend them for overnight use and would buy them. I see no reason not to give 5* for their intended purpose.

Anne (Jul 21) 5.0/5

I rate this product 5 out of 5! Comfy fit and a high quality product - really well made. i tried size large which was a good fit for me. They were comfy to sleep in bed, easy to pull on and off, amazing product, will look online or in a shop to buy some in future!

Wendy (Jul 21) 5.0/5

As a 60 year old lady I found the packet easy to open (as should someone more elderly). The quality of the pants are very good and I was able to put them on without difficulty. Initially I thought they may tear as I pulled them up but I didn't need to worry as they are quite resilient and strong. They feel nice to the touch and are certainly quite stylish.

I found them a little too tight at first, mostly around the legs but after a while they did give a little and were comfortable enough to wear all night. 

For night use the pad part of the pants is very thick being excellent for severe incontinence, although personally, I found this to be a bit too bulky. 

My stress incontinence is usually none to slight leakage overnight so this level of protection is too much for my present needs. 

Overall, the product is one that I could and would recommend for someone that was in need of such items. I would rate them a positive 4/5.

Teresa (Jul 21) 4.0/5

These come in a pack of 10. I tested these on a gentleman of 89. The gentleman concerned managed to empty his bladder into these and I was surprised that there was no leaks from round the legs and no complaints of feeling wet.  They have elastic round the legs and sides.  I liked that being unisex could be used by anyone of either sex not like most which are frilly even though they say unisex.  They were a tight fit for a 40 inch waist and I would consider buying the next size up.  I found they absorbed well and left the person protected without feeling wet at the same time.

Heather (Jul 21) 4.0/5

I have tried the pants out. When I first put them on they feel quite bulky and the first night I thought that I would have difficulty sleeping in them comfortably. However they are very comfortable and they seemed to mould to the shape of my body very quickly. I really didn’t know that I had them on.

On the overnights that they were needed as an incontinence aid then they were very efficient.  They did not leak at all and there seemed lots of capacity /dryness left in them if more absorbency had been required.

They were very easy to put on and off (I am a size 12)

They were much better than I expected them to be and I would give them a rating of 5 out of 5.

Karen (Jul 21) 5.0/5

I was very pleased with these pants, as they certainly did the job! There was no leakage at all, and after the 2nd night, I barely noticed that I was wearing them.

I would give them 4 out of 5, and the only reason that it is not 5 out of 5, is because I would have preferred them in a small or small-medium size. Perhaps at some point in the future this will happen.

Sarah (Jul 21) 4.0/5

It is very effective and absorbs really well keeping me dry at all times. It has been useful during the night as well as the day. Very comfortable to wear and discreet so no one can tell that I am wearing one. Having to change once every day is enough and I do not get stressed when going to the bathroom when I think I am going to leak which gives me relief and be able to relax and keep calm so it has helped me in more ways than one. I would give this a rating of 4 out of 5 as there is always room for improvement and innovation.

Forida (Jul 21) 4.0/5

I have tested the iD unisex incontinence pant and they are really good. I have had 3 strokes and you are leaking more water that you usually do. I think that they are amazing and they get my vote! There isn't anything like this on the market...yes they have Tena but they're not as good as this though.

They are thick though maybe if they made it a bit smaller to wear you can wear them under trousers would be good.  There is nothing worse than going out for a meal or something and you're thinking "have I leaked?!"... it's on your mind all the time.

Claire (Jul 21) 5.0/5

I am reviewing the id pants, I got the size large and they were a perfect fit, I’m size 20, and usually all the other pants that are out the on the market are to small and rip.

The little sticker on the back is quite annoying and everytime I wore them I had to sort it out, it always annoyed my back, these pants are so very comfortable and hold a lot of urine, I have been having bladder spasms for last month and so with wearing these pants, it was extra security for me, they are thick at the gusset and can hold a lot ! I would love to use these all the time instead of my nhs pads as these are for sure added security and way more comfortable , do they do these in pads? If so I’d love to enquire and maybe even change over !!

Kirsty (Jul 21) 4.5/5