CoQ10 Multi

CoQ10 is Cytoplan’s most comprehensive Wholefood multivitamin and mineral formula available incorporating CoQ10, beta glucan and good all-round vitamin and minerals levels including excellent levels of vitamins C, D3 and both active forms of vitamin B12.

CoQ10 Multi is Cytoplan’s most comprehensive Wholefood multivitamin and mineral formula available incorporating CoQ10, beta glucan and good all-round vitamin and minerals levels including excellent levels of vitamins C, D3 and both active forms of vitamin B12. CoQ10 is an antioxidant synthesised in the body. It is a vital part of all energy production in the mitochondria, the power houses of the cells and CoQ10 can become seriously depleted as we get older. “Excellent multivitamin. I was recommended this by a nutritionist a few years ago and I have never looked back.” – Trusted Cytoplan customer. Founded by practitioners over 30 years ago, Cytoplan provides an innovative range of science-based nutritional supplements. As a leader in the highly specialised food-based supplementation sector, the exclusive products are designed to be recognised by the body as food, just as nature intended. 


Overall Rating


Firstly I’d like to mention how fabulous Cytoplan supplements are . They are food based and absorbed and used by the body much more readily than synthetic nutrients are. Replicating the way nature works . 

Previously I have purchased probiotics and had fantastic results on my digestive system and microbiome. 

I’ve been taking the CoQ10 Multi for over a month. This supplement contains a whole food multivitamin and mineral nutrients derived from natural plant sources with added CoQ10. It also contains excellent quantities of B vitamins and is also high is Vitamin D. Great for the immune system. 

I’ve noticed a few improvements in my health during this time. One being that even though I’ve been around lots of children (my place of work), I haven’t been suffering from any coughs or colds as would usually be the case, even at this time of year there has been many. 

Secondly, I suffer from debilitating headaches that normally knock me out for a good 3 to 4 days. Whilst I’ve still been getting them, they have been much much milder and shorter in length. 

I will certainly continue to take and will be purchasing extra for the family too. 

Maria (Jun 21) 5.0/5

I was interested in trying this product as fatigue is a constant battle for me due to fibromyalgia and a period of poor sleep.  As well as containing important multivitamins, CoQ10 is important in energy production in the body.

The capsule though on the larger size was easy to take and there was no aftertaste with it.   The product is food-based so more easily recognised and absorbed by the body.

I was not expecting much of an improvement to my health and energy levels, but I have seen a significant improvement in the first 20 days of taking the product.   I am able to incorporate more activity into my life and enjoy what I do.  To see a tangible result in such a short period is fantastic and I intent to keep taking the product.

Additionally I currently buy Vitamin D and B12 products separately, so I will be saving on the cost of those. As the product is food -based I feel I will be investing in a more effective product.

Anne (Jun 21) 5.0/5

The capsules are quite large, but not large enough to cause problems swallowing. The only side effect I found was that it turned my urine a very orange colour for a couple of hours after taking them.

From reading the description I thought I would be getting an instant energy boost from the outset, so I was a little disappointed after a week of taking them that it seemed to have no effects.

What I did find though after a couple of weeks, through struggling to sleep on my mid afternoon nap, is an increased level albeit not huge, of general alertness and physical energy/stamina.

Now as a 49 year old Fibromyalgia sufferer any kind of general energy increase is a huge boost to my life. The cost of these is normally something I could not afford, but the offer is 3 for 2 and so for just over £50 for 6 months tablets that increase my alertness and energy is well worth it. I’ve now been on them for 6-7 weeks and my energy level is helping me to do general household tasks without tiring myself out so quickly.

Okay maybe I can’t run a marathon on them, but vacuuming the house without having to sit down for 3 hours after is great and certainly helps my mental wellbeing.

Now as regards the other contents of the multi-vitamins, I think it takes months to notice any change in skin, eyes etc from vitamins and minerals, so to comment on them is wrong, but hopefully they’ll also show reward.

Mark (Jun 21) 5.0/5

I was a bit worried when I opened this tub of multivitamins and saw the size of them: they were far bigger than any of my other tablets! However, they slipped down easily, and didn't seem to have much of a taste or smell like some other multivitamins I have tried.

I am currently being investigated by my GP for extreme tiredness, so was interested to see if these tablets helped at all. I think there may have been some slight improvement, but nothing too noticeable unfortunately. I had hoped that they might due to the number of vitamins and minerals they contain. However, the quantities of each are not large, so I continued taking the iron and vitamin D I was already on. If you're worried about being deficient in any particular micronutrient I would take that specific supplement. However, if you just want an all-round health boost this seems a pretty good choice. 

Angela (Jun 21) 3.0/5

The CoQ10 Multi from Cytoplan are packaged in a rigid plastic bottle, protecting the light brown capsules within. The ingredients list includes both vitamins and minerals as well as the Co-enzyme Q10. Some of the vitamins, such as Vitamin C and Thiamine are in a dosage that is higher than I am used to, but I realise their benefits, especially in the winter. They are easy to take, not melting in the mouth as you take the drink and there’s no aftertaste. I took one a day for a month, but you can take two a day according to the instructions. I must say that, although I recognise the importance of the active ingredients, I did not feel any difference in my health or behaviour during or after the month. Whether this is because my diet is already supplying these ingredients or I did not take them for long enough is unclear.

John (Jun 21) 3.0/5

Firstly I love the comprehensive ingredient listing on this supplement and I was particularly pleased that it contains CoQ10, a great addition which acts as an antioxidant protecting our cells. It also contains vitamin D which I take regularly but whilst using this I no longer need a separate supplement.  Looking at the ingredient listing this would be a superb addition for anyone concerned they aren’t getting enough nutrients, particularly for those wanting to boost the immune system, anyone post menopause or concerned with heart health. 

As I’ve only been taking these for one month, I can’t comment on the longer term health benefits which I would doubtless benefit from after a couple more months, I can say that I am extremely impressed with the research behind the supplement and the plethora of ingredients included, you certainly don’t need anything else. One thing I will point out is that it did turn my urine yellow which is probably due to the beta carotene, but for me this was a good sign. 

Rebekah (Jun 21) 5.0/5

Great product! As a multivitamin, it makes life so much easier, and it's such a high quality product so it really puts my mind at ease knowing I am getting lots of the goodness I need in just one capsule. I noticed a real improvement in my energy levels and will definitely continue using the product so I can really notice the benefits of the product even more!

Fiona (Jun 21) 4.0/5

Great product! As a multivitamin, it makes life so much easier, and it's such a high quality product so it really puts my mind at ease knowing I am getting lots of the goodness I need in just one capsule. I noticed a real improvement in my energy levels and will definitely continue using the product so I can really notice the benefits of the product even more!

Fiona (Jun 21) 4.0/5

This supplement is a great overall choice for someone looking to purchase a good multivitamin that checks all the boxes. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals that cover all bases, which is a great peace of mind to know you’re getting everything that you need, conveniently all in one tablet. Although you should bear in mind that you may need to take 2 a day to hit some of the NRV, especially if you’re wanting a decent amount of Co-Q10 per day which is a priority for me in regards to energy levels. Overall, it’s a great and comprehensive supplement, and is seemingly very good quality and packaged really nicely- I recommend! 

Izzie (Jun 21) 4.0/5

I was taking separate Multi vitamin, Chromium, Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3, and co-Enzyme Q10 supplement, when I had the opportunity to trial Cytoplan CoQ10 Multi Food Supplement. Not only does these capsules save me time and money but are at the quantities of the individual supplement I was taking. I take one per day which is 400% NRV (Nutrient Reference Value) Vitamin D3 and Chromium 200% NRV. I am impressed with the quality and the positive effect; I am definitely feeling energized. I will also purchase these for my mother who is on statins, as statins have been found to reduce the amount of naturally occurring coenzyme Q10 in the body.

Andrea (May 21) 5.0/5

I take multivitamins regularly, but none of them had CoQ10 in it. It is a very nice extra and the vitamins and minerals are at a really good level. The colour of the capsule was a bit surprising for me. I didn't feel any different when I took the capsule but I don't think so You actually can feel differently from a multivitamin. It is working in Your body 'silently'. It is also easy to swallow. It is not just vegetarian, but vegan too, which is a very good plus again.

Overall I am very satisfied with this product.

Vanda (May 21) 5.0/5

I always find it hard to judge supplements and work out if there have been any benefits to my health, however, I do think that I can see a noticeable difference in my skin after taking these. The capsules themselves were easy to take with no unpleasant taste or smell, and the bottle was easy to open. Based on my skin looking healthier I would continue to take them and I’d give them a 4 star rating although I do think that some of the product is being excreted, so I’m not sure how much of each of the nutrients are actually being absorbed. Overall it seems to be a good product. 

Zoe (May 21) 4.0/5

Don't let the smell of the capsule or the fact that it turns your urine a lovely luminous orange put you off. For people with “Fibromyalgia” or “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” one of the worst symptoms apart from pain is fatigue. The COQ-10 multivitamins from Cytoplan help tremendously with this. I took them for a month and I have already purchased another ninety days worth. I struggle with fatigue most of the day and after a couple of weeks of taking “COQ-10 Multi'' I noticed a significant change in my fatigue. Don’t get me wrong it was still there but I was not having to nap as much and found that I had a lot more energy in the afternoons (I took the tablet at around noon but maybe taking it earlier but be beneficial). I would’ve liked to try taking two a day to see if this made an even greater change. I would highly recommend these for anyone who is struggling with fatigue. It improved my memory issues too and my foggy brain was better than normal. If you need help with fatigue these are the pills you need. I’d give them a strong 5 out of 5.

Mark (May 21) 5.0/5

I have been taking the CoQ10 multi for 4 weeks and I have been impressed with the impact it has had on my energy levels. I have had fibromyalgia for approx 15 yrs and try and leave as normal a life as possible but have periods of severe fatigue . I have noticed that although I still need to rest during the day , I am not needing to sleep as much and feel mentally more alert.i do normally take multivitamins as I also have IBS and my diet can be restricted if the condition flares up but changing to these definitely appears to have had a positive impact .I shall continue to take and see if the benefit continues long term but at present I am very happy with the result.

I would give 4 **** only as for 5***** I would need to be sure of long term effect.

Lucy (May 21) 4.0/5

I’ve been taking CoQ10 for about a month now. One a day in the morning. I’m 65 in reasonable health though could do with losing some weight, fairly active, walking the dogs a couple of hours a day and usually managing my 10000 steps.

The first thing I feel I should say about the tablets is the poor labelling in that it is extremely difficult to read. This really should be rectified as I’m sure that there are many people who buy these tablets with worse eyesight than myself.

That said I do feel that the tablets have been beneficial in that I feel that there has been an increase in my energy levels and my mind has been somewhat sharper since I started taking the tablets.

From what I read these tablets could also help with any side effects from statins and help with lowering of blood pressure. I do take statins and am on tablets to lower blood pressure but I am unable to measure whether these tablets have had any benefits after such a short trial.

As there seem to have been benefits and no obvious side effects I am tempted to recommend and continue although I would love to be able to confirm the possible effects on blood pressure and other benefits by a longer medical trial.

Robert (May 21) 3.0/5