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Do you have postmenopausal vaginal symptoms? We'd like to hear from you...

Survey ends: 22 November 2021

Affecting around 50% of women after the menopause, vaginal dryness is extremely common, and is caused by the decrease in oestrogen levels that occurs post-menopause, resulting in the thinning of tissues in and around the vagina.  The symptoms, which can include dryness, soreness and itching, as well as an increased susceptibility to urinary tract infections, can have significant effects, not only physically, but also emotionally, often interfering with various aspects of life including relationships and intimacy. Yet despite this, many women are reluctant to discuss symptoms with their doctor.

That’s why talkhealth have been asked by a pharmaceutical company to find a number of women experiencing vaginal dryness to share their stories and get the conversation started!

We want to understand how these symptoms can impact on the quality of life, and hear stories that will help others identify a little easier so that they are encouraged to seek support. To do this, we are looking for women confident in front of a lens and happy for talkhealth to capture their story on camera.

This survey will close on 22nd November 2021, after which we will be inviting selected participants to talkhealth’s head office where the testimonials will be recorded. Refreshments will be provided and expenses paid for. The selected participants will also be offered a payment of £80 per hour as a reimbursement for their time and commitment which we anticipate to be no longer than 5 hours.

But fear not, if you are a little camera shy, you will also be given the opportunity within this survey to provide a written testimonial instead. A payment of £80 will be offered to all individuals whose written testimonial is selected by our client following a screening process and deemed to be appropriate for use (for marketing purposes only).

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