Watch part two of Emily Turnbull's energy course, made exclusively for talkhealth!

We have been filling out our energy workbooks and hope you have too! In the second installment of our energy course, Emily Turnbull shares her top five levers for a more healthy lifestyle

If you missed last week's video and aren't sure of your energy patterns and flows yet, it's best that you catch up with the course here to make sure that you make the most out of today's session.

Available to talkhealth+ members onlythis two-part series will not only give you tips for keeping in touch with your energy, but it will also leave you with strategies for maintaining a healthy, vibrant and energized life! 

You’ll come away from this mini-course with a better understanding of your physical, emotional and mental energy, techniques to help improve your mindset about how energised you feel and a personalised toolkit of energy improving strategies.