World Sleep Day 2021: talkhealth's 5-step sleep routine

One thing that we all do, or could do with more of, is sleep. Whether you’re dedicated to eight hours of slumber or find it hard to get some shut-eye, why not reconnect with bedtime this World Sleep Day. 

For many people, sleep is a normal part of life but for those with recurring sleep issues, drifting off can be challenging, frustrating and it can even cause long-term health issues. When you don’t get the right amount of sleep it can affect your tissue repair, loss of energy, drowsiness, impaired concentration and memory, and disturbed mood. Studies also show that inadequate sleep can increase people’s risk of hypertension, type 2 diabetes and poor mental health.

The NHS recommends that adults get between six and nine hours of sleep a night depending on their individual needs and body clocks. It also says that the best thing to do to make sure you are getting the right amount of sleep is to create a sleep routine. 

It might seem simple but over 53% of people admitted that the pandemic has detrimentally affected their sleep routines. A Lanserhof report, created to mark World Sleep Day 2021 says: ‘Major stressful life events, such as the pandemic are closely linked to weakening sleep and circadian rhythms, at a time when healthy sleep is particularly important to cope adaptively with this crisis and uncertainty about the future.’ 

We know that sleep is even more important for our members who are living with chronic conditions, that’s why we have created a tailored bedtime routine for you to follow. Follow these five steps to be well on your way to better sleep: