PharmaHemp CBD Isolate Drops in MCT Oil 10ml

Grown in Sub Alpine regions of Slovenia, pure and clean, chemical-free & high-quality, PharmaHemp Isolate CBD Drops in MCT oil are produced using organically grown hemp plants. With Less than 0.0% THC, they are available in MCT oil (3%-40% CBD) or Cherry, Lemon and Mint & Vanilla (3% -10% CBD).

PharmaHemp - Improving Lives drop by drop

Grown in Sub Alpine regions of Slovenia, pure and clean, chemical-free & high-quality, PharmaHemp Isolate CBD Drops in MCT oil are produced using organically grown hemp plants. 

With Less than 0.0% THC, they are available in MCT oil (3%-40% CBD) or Cherry, Lemon and Mint & Vanilla (3% -10% CBD).

PharmaHemp - A Brand you can Trust.

A global CBD player, but with the passion of a small family business. PharmaHemp® is the pioneering force that was there when CBD had just the potential for greatness. With an entrepreneurial mindset, a family background in cosmetics and centuries-old local knowledge of growing industrial hemp, we have always been a step ahead, developing new ways of turning the spotlight on the benefits of CBD and incorporating it into a healthier everyday.

Pharmahemp™ is a trusted GMP-certified producer and supplier of superior cannabidiol (CBD). Full traceability is guaranteed by the QC assured by in-house analytical laboratory. Providing premium CBD products: Drops, Pastes & Balms.

Overall Rating


I took the CBD oil daily for 3 months. The flavour was better than other brands I've tried, however there were no noticeable effects in terms of reducing stress/anxiety or any other health benefits. I don't currently have any health issues, mentally or physically, so this could be a reason that I didn't notice any impact.

Tom (Jun 21) 3.0/5

I would give it four out of five. Great product with a pleasant taste although had a habit of forgetting to take it. Whilst using it I felt slightly calmer which I put down to using the drops. Would buy if cheap enough.

Caroline (Jun 21) 4.0/5

I have been using this product daily for 2 months now. As someone prone to migraines; I have found that I haven’t suffered with any at all during the past 2 months. This is something I’ve not experienced for many years. 

I have a health condition that causes me to have flare ups and one such symptom is hand and leg tremors; from the very first time I used these cbd drops, it really eased my tremors. I literally couldn’t believe it; within a few minutes my tremors had eased. 

I started off following the manufacturers instructions of using 10 drops per day and gradually increasing them (up to a maximum of 70 drops per day), however I never needed to take more than 30 drops per day. The drops are placed under your tongue; and you wait for 15 seconds for them to be absorbed. 

Coming in various flavours; I choose mint and vanilla. The taste is really quite pleasant with a lovely warm vanilla flavour. Perhaps it’s my tastebuds but I couldn’t detect any mint flavour at all which was unfortunate as I love minty flavours. 

Suitable for vegans, the drops are marketed as ‘premium’ and the aesthetics really do give the product a premium feel. The bottle and pipette lid are of high quality and easy to use; even when suffering with hand tremors I managed to open the bottle and use the dropper. The black and gold label also adds to the premium, and classy feel to the product.  

I am so impressed by how the product has eased many of my neurological symptoms and would urge people to give them a try. They have helped me without any of the nasty side effects that medication has often caused me in the past. 

I received the product as a free sample in order to test and review it for 2 months and I am so pleased with the results that I intend to purchase the drops from now on. There are no side effects, nothing to effect my ability to work or drive. 

Sarah (Jun 21) 5.0/5

I’ve heard of the many benefits of CBD oil not limited to reducing anxiety, helping with sleep and pain so I was delighted to get to try this Mint & Vanilla Pharma Hemp MCT Oil CBD drops. There are many varieties to choose from but I opted for this Mint & Vanilla one. This comes with a labelled pipette and you’re advised to take 10 drops daily (about 10mg CBD). Easy to absorb when you use as directed, by placing the drops under the tongue and waiting for 15 seconds which doesn’t seem that long. This is suitable for vegans and the lid is child proof and non spill so you can take with you on the go provided it’s properly sealed. It’s easy to incorporate into your daily routine and I included as part of my daily food and vitamins supplements for an all round good health.

Amaka (Jun 21) 4.0/5

Well I am sorry to say that me and the drops just didn’t get on well at all. Initially I was really excited at trying the drops out as I had never tried anything like this before. I made sure I read the information on the bottle carefully to ensure I was doing exactly what I should be doing. When I took the drops after a few days I started to have diarrhoea quite badly. So I stopped taking the drops for 4 days and the diarrhoea stopped. I then decided to take the drops again so re-started them. Yet again after a few days the diarrhoea came back exactly like before. So again I stopped the drops. The diarrhoea stopped after a few days. This time I waited several weeks before I started the drops again. After only a few days on the drops, the diarrhoea started up again. I was so disappointed and couldn’t believe it was happening every time I took the drops. There was nothing else that could have caused the diarrhoea as I hadn’t changed anything else or I wasn’t taking anything new. I decided to give the drops a final try, so several weeks later, after being diarrhoea free, I started taking them again. Yes, after several days on the drops the diarrhoea returned. Unfortunately, I had no choice but to call it a day and stop taking the drops altogether. Since I stopped taking the drops I have been on the internet and searched CBD drops to get some information on them. They really do sound amazing with so many health benefits and positives. I personally think that if I could have taken them without having the diarrhoea, then I would really have benefited from them. On one website it did say that the drops can sometimes cause diarrhoea and other side effects.

Dean (Jun 21) 0.0/5

Did this improve my mind, body and spirit? Yes, I think so, on the whole. I suffer back pain daily, and while this did not cure it, it made it more manageable. The uncertainty of the pandemic lockdowns have made me quite anxious throughout the last year (I’m sure I’m not alone), but using this CBD oil has made a difference I wish I had discovered previously.  I slept better and felt more able to deal with day-to-day issues I previously would have balked at.

I was not keen on the oily texture briefly left over, but then it is oil so what should I expect. It’s not a deal breaker and I could seek other delivery method if it really bothered me.  The cherry flavour was quite pleasant, but I would suggest brushing teeth after not before as it does not mix with mint, and this helps with the afore mentioned oil remnant.

 I admit I did doubt that the effectiveness of CBD would live up to all the hype but being proved wrong is never a bad thing when it benefits one too. As a result, I will be reviewing my current medications with my clinician to see if the addition of this can be a reduction of that.

I give this 4 out of 5, not because of any issue with the product but my expectations of the pain relief side are perhaps higher than can actually be delivered.

Chris (May 21) 4.0/5

I started taking CBD capsules during the first lockdown last year because I had been sleep deprived for eight years, since my second son was born! I used to only get a maximum six hours of broken sleep per night, but with the CBD capsules, I would sleep deeper and right through the night, for up to nine hours per night! The CBD capsules were life changing and I would recommend CBD to anyone who suffers from insomnia. I cannot live without them now, so I was super excited to test the Cherry Flavoured CBD oil for talkhealth

I started off taking ten drops, which was equivalent to 10mg. I found it quite fiddly having to use the pipette to drop the oil under my tongue each time and prefer the ease of just swallowing capsules. It had a pleasant cherry flavour, but left a slight bitter aftertaste in my mouth afterwards. 

That night, did not sleep so well, so the following night, I decided to double the dose to twenty drops to match the dosage of the CBD capsules I took. This worked better for me, so I stuck to this dosage until I finished the two bottles. 

If I had not tried CBD before, I would definitely have given this product a higher rating, but because I preferred the CBD capsules I took before this CBD oil, I will give it ☆☆☆ out of ☆☆☆☆☆.

Many thanks to talkhealth for sending me this CBD oil and giving me an opportunity to test it.

Harmony (May 21) 3.0/5

I was really excited to try out the PharmaHemp CBD drops (thank you talkhealth!) as I know that CBD oil has become a very popular product to help mitigate health issues and this product did not disappoint! I used the drops mostly at night-time to help with my sleep as I do struggle to nod off, but I also used the drops when I felt slightly anxious. I definitely found these drops helped my sleep and anxiety and also worked quite quickly. I had the flavourless drops which were true to their name, but I think I’ll try the mint flavour next time to mix it up! Thank you once again and I’ll absolutely recommend to mates.

Frazer (May 21) 5.0/5

I tried the drops not really knowing what would happen. After hearing so much about CBD drops/oil I thought I would give them a go.

Overall, the effects have been very subtle and not too full on. I have found myself to be more relaxed and ‘chilled out’ since taking them, instead of being a bit highly strung. The drops are easy to take, but I found measuring the exact amount needed in the dropper to be a bit of a science. I suppose at the end of the day, you take the dosage that you are comfortable with.

I had the cherry flavoured drops, that tasted quite pleasant and not ‘medicinal’. Taking them once in the morning was easy and ensured that I was set up for the day.

There was absolutely no negative after effects/side effects and I would recommend taking these drops if you need to be a little more relaxed in your day to day life. I think I will carry on taking CBD oil as it has helped me.

Jason (May 21) 4.0/5

I have been taking these Pharmahemp Lemon CBD Drops in MCT oil, 1 dropper each night before bedtime, they have a pleasant natural lemon flavour and no aftertaste.  The addition of MCT oil is really important as the MCT swoops up the CBD and carries it more directly to the bloodstream, so it works more quickly and effectively.  I can really feel the difference with these drops and they have certainly been more effective than other non-MCT CBD drops I have tried, notably on helping reduce my insomnia, as I'm falling asleep quicker and I'm not waking up in the night anymore.  I've noticed on nights where I haven't taken the drops, it has taken me longer to fall asleep.  What I'm most impressed with is that they are the first supplement that has reduced my pain levels to the point where I no longer need painkillers which is amazing!  They have also been useful to have on standby in the daytime should I have an anxiety attack as they very quickly calm my nerves.  I will definitely continue to take them as I can really feel the difference.

Emma (May 21) 5.0/5