Curan Lady and Curan Man Catheters

Our range of intermittent self-catheterisation (ISC) Curan catheters are mess-fee, easy to use and discreet. Available in both male and female versions they are sterile, single use and designed for those who carry out ISC.

Our Curan Man and Curan Lady catheters are sterile and single use, designed for men and women who carry out intermittent self-catheterisation. Our catheters are pre-lubricated with a mess-free hydrogel coating and the soft Blue Grip® featured on the Curan Man catheter allows for non-touch application. The discreet, compact design means both our catheters can be easily stored in a pocket or bag and the grip and twist lid allows quiet and easy opening, even with limited dexterity. A combination of the hydrogel coating and smooth polished eyelets ensures comfortable insertion and removal and if you’re away from home, both the Curan Man and Curan Lady can be resealed in the packaging after use, for disposal at your convenience. 

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Overall Rating


Curan products are far more discreet compared to other brands that come with a bag.  A bag is beneficial if the users output needs to be monitored. Personally, I prefer something discreet that does not take up too much space in my handbag. Easy to open. I have arthritis and some things can be very difficult.  not as much plastic waste as other brands. It is not obvious what it is and not large enough that it draws attention.
Curan Lady: Discreetness and quietness - 5* / Lack of mess - 5* / Ease of use - 5*

Martina (Oct 20) 5.0/5

It was a bit fiddly to use but the gel coating was convenient. We would like to try the active but it was not available in my son's size.
Curan Man: Discreetness and quietness - 3* / Lack of mess - 4* / Ease of use - 2*

Catherine (Oct 20) 3.5/5

The lubrication is excellent. The packets are a little bulky, but only to contain the lubricant - so there's ample liquid here to cover the catheter. Inserting them is very smooth - and the plastic holder means it's very hygienic. It's so lubricated in fact that it's a little slippy, but it does make for very comfortable usage. It makes it a little fiddly to get back into the packet for disposal, but the urination process is – and hygiene – is superb as a result.
Curan Advantage: Lubrication - 5* / Comfort to insert - 5* / Comfort to remove - 5*

Paul (Sep 20) 5.0/5

Very nice and easy to use. The best I've tried and now using them full time. I would recommend them to anyone who needs them.
Curan Man: Discreetness and quietness - 5* / Lack of mess - 5* / Ease of use - 4*

Jason (Sep 20) 5.0/5

I was pleasantly surprised by this catheter, I have used a few now as I've needed them for some time now, this is easy to use, no mess and comfortable.
Curan Lady: Discreetness and quietness - 4* / Lack of mess - 4* / Ease of use - 5*

Kirsty (Sep 20) 4.5/5

I tried Curan Man catheters in place of my usual ones and found them to be bendier and less easy to control. This made them more difficult to guide past my urethral strictures and a couple of times I wasn't able to do so at all. It could be that I have just got used to my normal catheters but I also found the packaging chunkier and less discrete than for those I currently use, and the catheters more difficult to replace back into the packaging to dispose of. At the same time, the hard plastic package gave confidence that the catheter would not be damaged in a bag when travelling. The catheter itself was well lubricated and not sticky, but I wouldn't swap my usual catheters for these.

Jonathan (Dec 18) 3.0/5

The Curan Lady catheter is certainly discreet and easy to carry. The catheters I currently use are much longer and therefore not so easy to carry about, particularly when you are going to the toilet whilst at work or when out-and-about. The downside for me was that the Curan catheter had a shorter tube compared to my current catheter and so it's not as easy to fully empty your bladder. It would be useful if you could extend the tube as required. Also, the lubrication isn't as good as on my current catheter. A more general issue is about catheters being made from plastic - given the increased knowledge about plastics and the environment, companies will need to develop a suitable alternative or at least make them recyclable. My summing up would be to give this catheter a go, but for me it had pros and cons.

Dawn (Dec 18) 3.0/5

The Curan Catheter female catheter is a very discrete product and well designed, it is very handy to carry around when you are out and about. There is no snapping sachets to lubricate etc. The catheter was relatively easy to use. Although it was not quite so comfortable to insert, also it did seem a little shorter than my usual brand and it was not easy to hold once in place.The catheter does not have an attached bag and that was something I would have preferred. It is simple to dispose of just slotting back into the original holder and drop in the nearest appropriate waste bin. This product is better than some brands, being much more discrete and also quicker to get ready for use. 

Fiona (Dec 18) 3.0/5

First of all, this catheter is so discrete. It's small enough to fit in your handbag and looks just like a slightly chunky pen. I have trouble with my grip and fine motor control, but I can open the twist off cap really easily. Brilliant to be able to do it without asking someone! The catheter is easy and smooth to use, use doesn't involve any preparation or waiting which is brilliant. It doesn't need any special disposal, just slotting back together again. I think this is a great portable, discrete, easy to use product.

Anne (Nov 18) 5.0/5

I found the Curan Lady Catheter a very neat design which would be very discreet to carry in either a handbag or pocket.  It is easy to open.  I did find it a little difficult to use as the funnel is small to hold onto when you are using it.  The Catheter was comfortable to insert and remove.  It had good lubrication.  It had decent urine flow down the Catheter.  The information the company provided with the Catheter is easy to follow.  I did like the fact that if you are unable to dispose of the Catheter immediately that it can be replaced into the tube and fully resealed to carry with you until a bin is located.

Sharon (Nov 18) 4.0/5

I found that the catheter was too bendy. I would also prefer a detachable disposable bag to attach to the catheter. This would be far more convenient when catheterising in public toilets. 

Sandra (Nov 18) 2.0/5