WIN one of five copies: Yoga for Cancer - The A to Z of C by Vicky Fox

Offer ends: 16 June 2022

We are delighted to be giving away copies of Yoga for Cancer - The A to Z of C by Vicky Fox to the first 5 names chosen at random after the closing date of 16th June 2022.

People are surviving cancer more and living longer, but the side effects of treatment and the disease are sometimes lifelong. Vicky Fox’s unique guide: Yoga for Cancer, coming in June 2022, helps people manage the ongoing symptoms. Vicky aims to nurture, heal, and restore their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

This accessible handbook is ideal for cancer patients who might prefer to do yoga at home or to use in conjunction with Vicki’s free Yoga for Cancer classes at TriYoga. The book is easy to navigate with an A to Z of side effects making this a go to guide.

‘Vicky’s positivity and absolutely fabulous classes have been a godsend to me. I thought it was medication and supplements that would help me on my healing journey, but actually it has been the mind body connection that has been the most powerful.’ A 2021 cancer patient

Yoga for Cancer gives lifelong aftercare in the palm of your hand, now all you need is a mat.

Pre-order the book here, visit Vicky’s website here and check out more Hammersmith Health Book titles here.

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5 x Yoga for Cancer - The A to Z of C by Vicky Fox

Offer ends: 16 June 2022

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