6 x Cysticlean 240mg PAC® D Mannose packs

Offer ends: 19 May 2021


You ask yourself often, ‘Why am I suffering another Urinary tract infection’? Well, you're not alone. At least 1-3% of all doctor’s appointments are concerning this issue. And it’s a problem that often rears its head once we are older. Often a trip to the doctors will result in a prescription for antibiotics - something we all wish to avoid.

Cysticlean240mg PAC has been conducting successful human studies for many years and its original formulation has many loyal users - with now over a million packs sold. We understand the cause of recurrent urinary tract infections.

Now, for people that prefer a liquid we have a sachet formulation that can be added to liquid - plus it has the addition of D Mannose-a natural sugar long used and recommended for maintaining urinary health.

Combined, they act to repel the toxins that can adhere to the bladder wall. A natural, safe and drug free approach to ongoing Urinary health.

For best results against recurrent issues 3 months continual use is recommended.

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6 x Cysticlean® 240mg PAC+D Mannose packs

Offer ends: 19 May 2021

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