Free Aura Plus Stoma Pouch Samples

Offer ends: 7 February 2022

CliniMed’s Aura Plus stoma pouch range is designed around what you value most – security, comfort, and healthy skin.

The unique plus-shaped flange makes it less likely that creases and leakage channels will form when you apply the flange, and the distinctive shape helps the flange hug your body’s contours to help keep the pouch secure throughout the day.

The flange also contains medical grade Manuka honey, which may help to promote healthy skin around your stoma. In fact, studies show that changing to a stoma pouch with Manuka honey helped to improve the condition of the skin around the stoma and increased users’ comfort and confidence1.

Aura Plus is available as a bold and elegant black pouch or a light and simple sand pouch, so you can choose the pouch which matches your mood, outfit, or occasion for added confidence.  

Get your free sample by clicking on the link below. You’ll be taken to the CliniMed website to place your order. Please note that samples are available only to those who already use a stoma pouch.

  Click here to order your sample  


1. White & Evans, (2019), “Clinical governance for ostomates at risk of peristomal skin complications”, British Journal of Nursing, 28(16), s.24-32

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Free Aura Plus Stoma Pouch Samples

Offer ends: 7 February 2022

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