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September/November: Sleep & Chronic Health Survey

Ahead of the launch of our mysleep support programme, we wanted to find out more about how well our members currently sleep and what chronic health conditions may be stopping them from getting a decent night’s kip.

Our survey sought to find out what support they were already receiving for chronic conditions and sleep issues, as well as what talkhealth could do to assist them further.

Highlights from the survey included:

  • Almost 60% said their sleep was affected by their chronic health condition every night
  • Only 7% manage to get through the night without waking up at all
  • 50% found it difficult to find information and support from trusted sources about sleep issues
  • Over 70% felt their sleep issues weren’t represented adequately by support organisations or charities

If you would like more support with your sleep conditions, here are some helpful links:

mysleep support programme

The Sleep Council Perfect Sleep Environment Clinic

The Sleep Council Sleep Priority Clinic

The Sleep Council Alcohol & Sleep Clinic

If you're interested in a detailed analysis of the results for these surveys please contact us.