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Can anyone help? Itchy tiny black spots on skin

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by Lisa1981 on Thu Apr 01, 2021 6:49 pm

Can anyone help? Itchy tiny black spots on skin


I’m posting here in utter desperation and despair as I’ve been left in medical limbo by my GP and hospital. They will not see me in person due to COVID, and whatever I have is being blamed on psoriasis by a dermatologist (who, I might add, neither has seen me in person, only 1 photo). It is definitely not psoriasis. I have had psoriasis for around 36 years and this is nothing like psoriasis! Also, my psoriasis patch is on the opposite foot to where this stemmed from.

I’m clinically extremely vulnerable (I’m on 2 immunosuppressants) and visited my local hospital for my COVID jab. 1 week later, my symptoms started on my foot. It has now been way over a month since my COVID jab, so I don’t feel it’s side effects. I’m extreme itchy, with crawling/moving/tingling sensations, which is worse at night, so bad I rarely catch much sleep at all.

I’ve tried anti-fungal creams with no success and my searching led me to believe it may be scabies. However, I have not been in prolonged skin-to-skin contact with anyone so not sure how I’ve caught this, if it is scabies. My partner has a very small rash on his foot but is not itching all over like I am. My partner is getting fed up as sex is off-limit until I figure out what is going on here.

I have tried Permethrin 5% cream which seemed to help for half a day and the symptoms returned. And Derbac M (malathion lotion). I laundered all clothes at 70C, vacuumed cleaned my bedroom and vacuumed cleaned the entire mattress and sprayed disinfectant on all nooks and crannies which couldn’t be vacuumed. The creams and lotions only gave short-term relief and as time goes on, the itching increases and spreads all over my body again. My doctor told me the only thing she can do is give me the cream and lotions (which I’ve already tried with no success and is currently telling me to wait at least 3 months for a dermatology referral - I really can’t wait that long!)

I honestly believe it is something physical as I can often feel as though I’m breathing in small particles (I feel them on my nasal hairs), sometimes in my ears, and occasionally feel one going in my eye. I feel crawling and a tingling sensation all over the entirety of my body, and I know I applied the creams and lotions correctly.

I’ve even tried sulphur soap and some natural anti-mite spray from Amazon and even tea tree oil, again, all without success. I’m at my wits end and not sure how much longer I can tolerate the near constant crawling and intense itching sensations.

Please can anyone help me figure out what is wrong so I can get rid of these horrible symptoms?