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Abcess on old c section, keeps splitting open.

Posted: Wed Mar 03, 2021 3:05 pm
by Mystic25
Long story short, I have several skin conditions one being either HS or furunculosis and I keep getting abcesses/boils on my 4 year old c section scar. A huge one burst last week and left about an inch of my scar open, I had it dressed at A&E and was prescribed antibniotics and it started to heal quickly. It has formed another abcess that seems to be draining and I live in fear that it will reopen again. I don't know what to do A&E weren't that helpful they didn't clean the wound etc just slapped a dressing on it. I have been keeping it clean etc. It's not easy as I do have quite an overhang. I am under a consultant derm and have sent an email although its almost impossible to get in touch. Anyone any advice? Thank you.