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girlfriend makes my eczema flare up?

Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2020 1:51 am
by hfairylights
i will start with a little back story so bear with me. a couple of years ago i met a girl online and we became good friends, which turned into a long distance relationship (i am also a girl, yes, we are lesbians). however every time that i went over to visit her i broke out with a rash on my neck/face. strange.

fast forward to now - we now live in the same country and visit each other every weekend and i am having the worst eczema flare up of my life - face neck ears shoulders back breasts elbows. it seems to follow a pattern that it gets worse whenever my girlfriend is here. is it possible that my girlfriend is the cause of my eczema flare up???

we’ve tried all sorts of things like having her shower when she gets here and only wearing my clothes and using only my products etc. but nothing seems to stop it? i know
it could be allergies so i take antihistamines every day but i don’t know if they help.

has anyone experienced similar? or am i going crazy? can i be allergic to my girlfriend?

Re: girlfriend makes my eczema flare up?

Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2020 6:28 am
by scilover
Eczema is not contagious. You can't “catch it” from someone else. While the exact cause of eczema is unknown, researchers do know that people who develop eczema do so because of a combination of genes and environmental triggers.

Re: girlfriend makes my eczema flare up?

Posted: Fri Nov 20, 2020 4:57 pm
by Prycejosh1987
Yes, eczema is not catch-able. I do not think you caught it from your girlfriend i think its possible to be coincidence. The best thing to do is see the doctor for a cream, i think its possible that your eczema is bacterial infected. See your doctor.

Re: girlfriend makes my eczema flare up?

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2020 11:17 am
by MissCandyGirl
Perhaps you're allergic to the washing detergent your girlfriend uses? Or some other product she uses when you're visiting her? You certainly cannot catch eczema from another person. BUT if you're staying over hers [which you must be doing] then it is very likely you are allergic to some washing or cleaning product she uses. You'll have to investigate this and see which products your skin reacts with. And do discuss this with her: she needs to know when not to use something or use a different brand of product: one that you are not allergic to.