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Persistent Itching

Posted: Thu Feb 04, 2021 10:39 am
by cmcguire1234
Hello All,

I joined this forum to try and find out what is going on with my skin.

Aboot late September, early October last year I started to get an itch on the glans of my penis (the penis head) which then spread to my thighs. It itched constantly, yet there was no rash. I bought antihistamines and this seemed to help but then seemed ineffective. I noticed the itch spread around my entire body. It was tolerable but becoming increasingly annoying. There were also tin pinhead spots appearing over the body that were itchy and irritable. They appeared randomly often individually or in small clusters. Overall the skin seemed to be have some kind of allergic reaction. I went to my GP who prescribed a steroid cream and also some derma-moisturising creams. The steroid cream help the glans itch. However, once again, over all the itch remained. This week I spoke to another GP who prescribed permethrin, presuming I had a case of scabies (this GP only spoke to me over the phone and hasn't seen the skin). I used it for the first time a night ago and yesterday I woke and there was still low level itching (I know this can still happen but the prospect of waiting another week to apply more of the permethrin was a daunting one, so I bought some Aleo Veras Gel which I read can also help get rid of scabies. I thought this might help until I apply the permethrin next week.) I at one this morning with the itch more intense the ever, which got my wondering if the aleo vera was a mistake. Is it maybe an irritant? Is this a sign the permethrin failed? I also hear itching can continue...but why would it seemingly get worse (at least for a few hours?).

There was in previous weeks a rash on my chest after I shower. However the steroid cream betnovate RD cream has put a stop to that.

My initial thoughts way back in Sep/Oct was that it was jock itch. I was attending a lot of gym classes and wearing tight lycra sports wear and perhaps not taking them off as quickly as I should have after high intensity training. Yet after months of creams and washing that seems less likely. I have also had skin to skin contact with minimal people (maybe 2 or 3) so perhaps, if it is scabies, I contracted it from them? Or could it be something else?

I am managing but nearly 5 months of low-level itching, weird tiny itchy spots and sometimes redness when scratching it is really driving me up the wall.

I would love to hear from dermatologists or anyone who has had s similar experience or anyone who has thoughts on this.

Many thanks.