Urology - Getting a Diagnosis!!!

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by JunoMass on Fri Dec 14, 2018 11:27 pm

Urology - Getting a Diagnosis!!!

Hi, I'm male, my age now is 47, I noticed about 3 years ago I was taking ages to pee (sometimes up to a minute), and I'd started to leak after going.

So I am sure like most men I sat on the problem for about a year, I then in Nov. 2016 I went to see my doctor, I described the issue and he told me it was normal and basically told me to go away.

I went away lived with the problem for another year and then went back (Nov. 2017), this time I saw a younger doctor, I described the issues and after a PSA and a digit test I got a referral.

My consultants appointment was in January 2018, I'd thought at last I'd get some answers... The consultant did a flow test, which confirmed 2 things my bladder was taking a long time to empty, and it was not emptying completely. I then had a camera, no blockage on the neck of the bladder. A flow test for which I couldn't pee past the tube!

The consultant has flipped flopped between investigations, his last was to take an MRI of my spine to ensure my impinged L4/L5 is not causing nerve issues. I asked if at the same time we could MRI my prostate to rule it out, he said NO!

I have now been passed to a different consultant and seem to be starting the process again. They seem to think because I am 47 I am too young to have major issues....

I now self catheratise twice a day to ensure my bladder does not cause other issues.

But I still don't have a diagnosis, the consultants read your notes for the 10 mins your in front of them. So what has been a 3 year journey for me has been an hour for them.

Does anybody know of a way to navigate the NHS to get seen and diagnosed within a reasonable time, or know of a speciality centre (NHS) then can have me in and out.