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self harm strength

Posted: Sun Sep 26, 2021 9:48 am
by Aylarose3
i self harm and i feel so much better being 3 months since i last self harmed :D :D

Re: self harm strength

Posted: Tue Sep 28, 2021 8:11 pm
by MissCandyGirl
The fact you've stopped self harming is wonderful.

If I may ask, what triggered your self harming? Were you bullied? Abused as a kid? Working through such issues does help and reduces the urge to self harm. Do also remember you're not alone: a LOT of people self harm/have self harmed. It's far more common than many realise. It certainly does NOT make you a freak or weird.

Keep going. If you're seeing a therapist, then do carry on doing so.