Ovulation Issues

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by Guest Posts on Wed Jun 03, 2020 10:31 am

Ovulation Issues

I'm in my mid-40's and don't plan on any more children. I had my last child 9 years ago. My cycle is still regular. Ovulation never used to be an issue but within the last 5 years and particularly now its becoming something I dread each month. In the lead up to it I get so many awful symptoms: digestive complaints, anxious/angry, pain in back/tummy, what feels like adrenaline rushes/blood rushing sound in my ears, nausea, lightheaded, worse eczema. I get symptoms like PMS!! I use a urine ovulation test stick so I know if/when I ovulate each month. 5 years ago I went to hospital for an ovarian cyst but when they scanned they found it had burst so didn't need to be operated on as they said the fluid would dissipate over time. I've also had a cervical scan and they said everything looked ok.

So I'm just wondering why I feel so awful each month prior to ovulation, am I sensitive to my hormones or is there something else that could be going on? What can be done about it?

Also, I seem to always get POST menstrual tension and feel at my worse AFTER the period rather than before. I only seem to be hear/read about PRE menstrual tension. So from period ending to the build up to ovulation I just don't feel great at all!! Then it all starts again before period. Again, is this something to worry about?

I don't get many windows each month where i feel good in my mind or body because of this rocky road with my hormones.

Thank you and sorry for the rambling!
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by Simone Gilbert on Thu Jun 04, 2020 9:50 pm

Re: Ovulation Issues

Hi Gill

* I'm sending you a hug *

I'm so sorry to hear your cycle is causing so many issues. What a struggle! You are so right, we hear mainly of 'pre' not 'post' symptoms.

I hear that this is causing you distress. So that is one things that I would encourage you to look at and find ways that help reduce stress related to your cycle. Are you physically active? In my experience yoga is an exceptionally good form of movement/stress relief that helps to reduce pain and anxiety - this might be a good option if you haven't already tired this.

To the physical symptoms and discomfort as we age our hormone levels change. We are told that suffering is part of that change process but again in my experience it doesn't necessarily have to be. Diet and lifestyle can play a significant part in helping your body navigate the hormonal changes as well as balance and better deal with symptoms that may occur.

I mentioned yoga or physical activity - this is one element to support our hormonal health.
Sleep is important - ensuring you get a regular and restful sleep will support your body.
Nutrition - focussing on whole foods - vegetables, fruit, protein - and minimise sugar and processed carbohydrates as well as dairy and gluten is a great starting framework that I find most body's respond well to.
Rest - not just sleep but making sure you are nurturing and caring for yourself and consciously bringing joy into your world by doing things you love. Self care is fundamental in the process of any and all healing.

I also recommend a few essential oils - clary sage is a lovely oil to use for hormonal balance as is thyme, lavender and neroli. These can be massaged over your stomach with some carrier oil and/or inhaled. (I wear neroli as a perfume which is delicious as well).

I too endured several very large ovarian cysts some years ago. I understand the frustration and discomfort and hope that the above information brings a little clarity in terms of options you have to support hormonal health and a happy body.

Please do let me know if I can help further Gill. Hold on and keep the faith - there are always options!

Wishing you all the very best
Simone Gilbert
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