cramping after food

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by mansman on Wed Jun 03, 2020 1:15 pm

cramping after food

Having painful stomach cramping (there is no build up of wind) 20 mins after eating food but cannot narrow down what the cause is as it seems to be most food. Its been going on since before lockdown. It's not every day but its most days. My wife said to cut out things like bread, milk and sugar which she said could be causing it and I've given up the beers. Still cramping though and went to my GP and they just said IBS and not much help. Have had prostate issues before but ok now -dont think that has anything to do with it. How can I find out what could be happening, pretty stumped!

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Simone Gilbert
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by Simone Gilbert on Wed Jun 03, 2020 3:58 pm

Re: cramping after food


Sorry to hear that you are suffering with cramps - a very uncomfortable onset for you I'm sure.
I'm really interested to hear that the cramping began since lock down. That's a start.

I'd be inclined to ask 'what else has changed'? So, how has your diet changed? Has your exercise routine altered?
Are you sitting more? How has lock down impacted eating hygiene - that's all the things surrounding our meals other than the food itself. So, are you more rushed for instance? How are the stress levels surrounding meals?
As well, how is your hydration? Meaning, how much water are you drinking? (more or less?)
So many questions (sorry!) but that's where a resolution begins...
(I'd also normally ask "how are your 'bm's?"...I know, tmi.. but something to ponder...Have they changed in any way?)

I find that keeping a food diary can give you powerful insights into what is causing symptoms like you describe. Note what you eat and how you feel starting half an hour afterwards. It might show that some foods are triggers where as others are not.

As for the suggestion to eliminate bread, milk and sugar, I would ask, are you consuming more of any or all of these things? If yes, it may be a great place to start to at least get them back to pre-lockdown levels.
I am hearing that for many the consumption of each of these groups has increased, and in my experience that can often lead to digestive discomfort (and more)
If you are open to the notion of removing these things from your diet, it might prove to be a relatively simple step to easing your cramping.

We are all case-studies of 1. It's all about finding what best suits you and wherever possible staying true to that recipe.

We all have so much power over our own health - it's great that you reached out. Consider the questions above and jot down your thoughts.

Please do let me know if there is something that comes of noting the above questions in terms of hunches as to the causes of the cramps. I'm here and happy to help!

Simone Gilbert
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