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Having had Fibromyalgia for 7 years my sleep is constantly being disturbed by pain and anxiety (along with restless legs) and having tried all the major sleep aids (all the 'pams') and mindfulness I'm left with not many options. Would you recommend "Melatonin" for someone with Fibro?"

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by lisaartis on Thu Mar 12, 2020 12:27 pm

Re: Fibromyalgia

Managing the symptoms of fibromyalgia is not easy and many do turn to complementary health approaches to pain relief and sleep problems including melatonin.

There has been some initial findings to show that melatonin may be effective in treating fibromyalgia pain.

Melatonin is generally regarded as safe with few to no side effects. Due to the risk of daytime sleepiness, though, anyone taking melatonin should use caution when driving.

Avoid buying melatonin supplements from the internet (they are only available on prescription in the UK). Taking them may disrupt your own natural melatonin production and potentially suppress your ability to produce this important hormone, ultimately making sleep problems worse. If you think you need help with melatonin production, speak to your GP.
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