Bartholin’s Cyst?

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by SpookySnack88 on Fri Mar 04, 2022 3:59 pm

Bartholin’s Cyst?

Hi everyone

I have been getting on and off for about 3 years, these small less than pea sized pimples in my vulva/vagina area.

It only ever appears as a single pimple at a time and never a cluster. Usually it disappears on its own after a few days and causes no symptoms. I occasionally have one that pops up in an uncomfortable place and while there is no pain, there is tenderness/discomfort. It usually forms a little white head and will pop of it’s own accord.

The first time I got one I did get seen by a locum doctor who diagnosed it as a bartholin’s cyst? The current one I have is taking a while to heal but location wise fits with the bartholin’s cysts but not painful.

Does anyone else suffer with these at all? I have had a singular pimple/abcess come up on my vulva area previously too so I am confused why they think it’s confined to a bartholin’s cyst as it’s such a particular area.

I have been given antibiotic cream on this occasion and when trying to gentle apply, I seem to have angered it to the point of bleeding.

Has anyone had similar experience??

I feel super embarrassed as I’m seeing this guy and he’s due to stay with me in a few weeks and I’m worried this particular abscess is going to cause me trouble.

I’m not sexually active and have only ever had one sexual partner but the first time it appeared was prior to me ever being sexually active.