TH+ Expert Webinar with Dr Sarah Brewer: Everything you need to know about CBD

As the number of people using natural alternatives continues to increase in healthcare, cannabidiol (CBD) seems to be on everyone’s wellness wish lists. So much so that the market for the hemp-derived ingredient is set to grow by 46% every year! 

But, as the product earns its place in magazines, social media feeds and your friend’s medicine cupboards, could the health supplement help your health journey?

Medical cannabis has been prescribed in the UK to treat conditions like epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and the side effects of chemotherapy for the last 10 years. Now, the wide-ranging medical benefits of CBD are being increasingly recognised by the medical and wellness communities for pain relief, reducing anxiety, improving sleep, reducing inflammation, and more.

In this expert webinar Dr Sarah Brewer, a licensed doctor, registered nutritionist, nutritional therapist and author of CBD: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness, demystifies the cool supplement on the block. This webinar will help you to make the right, educated, decisions when it comes to choosing the right CBD supplement for you!