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Heartwood and talkhealth teamed up to present an online expert clinic on menopause.

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Anita Ralph answered your questions on the menopause on Thursday 5 November. The clinic is now closed but you can view the questions and answers here.  Read here for a summary article of the clinic.

Herbal medicine has much to offer women before, during and after the menopause. Plants contain useful compounds that can optimise normal body function by targeting tissues, organs and overall hormone balance. Unlike hormone replacement treatments, herbal medicines do not contain oestrogen and work best when directed at the root causes of the symptoms each individual woman experiences. 

Medical herbalists are qualified experts in the use of plants as medicine and have been trained in conventional sciences, plant pharmacology, wholistic functional medicine and traditional healing techniques. In consultations, they take a detailed case history so that they can better advise women on the herbs that will suit them as a person, and help them manage their symptom pattern. Some medicinal plants work best when combined with other herbs, and when dietary changes are made that help improve the absorption of active herbal constituents.

Menopause is a normal phase of life that brings about dramatic changes in hormone levels. In the right circumstances, our bodies can produce all the necessary hormones and other compounds needed for a healthy life post-menopause. Just as at puberty, women can best navigate this change when supported by compassionate advice, a nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle. Herbal medicine can provide such support, and can be used both alongside - and sometimes instead of - HRT.

Medical Experts

Anita Ralph

Consulting Medical Herbalist - MSc (herb med) MNIMH MCPP

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In April 1971, Fred Fletcher Hyde, George Smith, Nalda Gosling, Albert Priest, Arthur Jenner and Albert Orbell set up the National Institute of Medical Herbalists Limited Education Fund (registered charity no. 262584) “to establish the training and tuition of students of medical herbalism giving both lectures in theoretical aspects and demonstrations in practical training.” 

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