Current and upcoming clinics
  • Arthritis
    17-27 Jan 2022

    talkhealth have teamed up with The Institute of Osteopathy and Arthritis Action to offer an online expert clinic on arthritis. More than 10 million people are thought to be living with arthritis in the UK. The condition, that is characterised by inflammation, can cause joint pain that affects your quality of life. Self-management is key when it comes to arthritis, that’s why we are offering you the opportunity to learn more about how to get on to of your symptoms. From dietary changes to building muscle strength, our panel of experts will answer the questions that really help! 

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  • Lichen Sclerosus
    7-10 Feb 2022

    talkhealth are teaming up with British Skin Foundation to offer an online expert clinic on Lichen Sclerosus. We know that a lot of our members are affected by vulval skin conditions, in fact, we have one of the largest lichen sclerosis communities online! We are so excited to open up another clinic with the British Skin Foundation so that you can learn more about the condition from dermatology experts and each other. We know how difficult it can be to open up about problems down there sometimes and our clinics are the perfect way to kickstart the conversation.

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  • Gynaecology
    7-24 Mar 2022

    talkhealth are providing an online expert clinic on gynaecology.  It won’t come as a shock to you to learn that, despite nearly half of the population having vulvas, 26% of women have never visited a gynaecologist. We want to get women talking about their gynae health, that’s why our panel of experts are here to answer all of your questions. Whether you want to learn about symptoms of PCOS or need some help with managing endometriosis, submit your questions below and have them answered by leading HCPs.

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  • Ichthyosis
    9-12 May 2022

    Studies show that around 200 to 400 people are diagnosed with a form of ichthyosis every year. With other skin conditions having much higher incidence rates, this group of conditions is often faced with a lack of awareness and misunderstanding. That’s why we are so excited to open our collaboration clinic with Ichthyosis Support Group. IGS skin experts will be here to answer all of your questions about self-management, treatments and beyond!

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  • Mental health
    9-26 May 2022

    Making sure your mental health is in tip-top condition is as important as keeping fit or sticking to good routines. Although conversations around emotional wellbeing are increasing, it can still be difficult to understand the symptoms and signs of the broad range of conditions. That's why talkhealth are offering this online expert clinic to help you make sense of mental health.

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  • Eczema
    13-16 Jun 2022

    BSF and talkhealth teamed up to offer an online expert clinic on eczema. From flare-ups to treatments, everyone’s experience with eczema can be different. But, when you don’t have the basic knowledge you need to look after your skin, tailoring your treatment routine is a challenge. A great way to learn the best methods for managing your eczema is by asking our skin experts all of your questions, they will get back to you in no time!

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  • Bowel and bladder
    11-28 Jul 2022

    Bowel and bladder conditions can be debilitating. Whether it’s having trouble going or finding it difficult to carry out daily tasks without worrying about the nearest loo, conditions down there are countless and confusing. That’s why talkhealth are presenting an expert clinic on bowel and bladder. The experts in this clinic will be covering conditions like incontinence, kidney disease, prolapse problems and UTIs.

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  • General skin conditions
    5-23 Sep 2022

    Skin conditions don’t just stop at psoriasis and acne. In fact, dermatologists have identified more than 3,000 skin conditions. Rosacea, hives, moles, the list goes on! So, if you need some extra support when it comes to managing your skin, understanding your diagnosis or making sense of skin jargon our panel of experts are here to help.

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  • Hair loss
    17-20 Oct 2022

    Whether it’s stress, menopause, childbirth or ageing hair loss can happen to anyone, whatever your gender, for loads of different reasons. Whatever the cause, losing your locks can be a massive shock, particularly when you aren’t armed with the best medical advice to prevent further loss or nurture new growth. talkhealth have teamed up with The British Skin Foundation to bring you the best advice for looking after your hair.

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