Karen Coates

Oral Health Advisor

Karen Coates is an Oral Health Advisor with independent charity, the British Dental Health Foundation. She has held this role since 2005, advising and guiding members of the public on such subjects such as dental terms and treatment procedures, oral hygiene, current UK legislation and regulations, NHS and private dental charges, complaints procedures, and referrals to other organisations.

She is currently Co-ordinator of the Tooth Whitening Action Group – a body comprising of members from BDHF, BDBS, BDCD, BADT, DADN and industry representatives from BDTA, Philips Oral Healthcare, Henry Schein, SDI, Dentsply, Enlighten and Voco – to provide clear tooth whitening guidance to the profession, information for the public and support to the official bodies attempting to tackle illegal tooth whitening.

Previously, Karen worked for Sensodyne and CTS Dental Supplies as a Territory Manager. Before that she had worked for various dental practices in Warwickshire, including the NHS Associate Private Practice, and had completed the Certificate of Oral Health from Nottingham University and the National Certificate for Dental Nurses.

As a member of the Dental Helpline she needs to be aware of all current dental procedures, oral hygiene instruction and techniques and keeping abreast of all areas of technical developments using professional contacts and professional journals in order to provide up to date information. Karen is media trained and conducts many national and regional interviews on behalf of the BDHF.

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