Ivon van Heugten

Policy Adviser in Health with Changing Faces

Ms Ivon van Heugten has been a Policy Adviser in Health with Changing Faces for over seven years and most recently has focussed her work on dermatology. She campaigns for better psychological care for people with all kind of conditions, including skin conditions.

At Changing Faces we offer psychosocial support and we run a skin camouflage service. We have a helpline (10am-4pm Monday to Friday on 0300 012 0275 or by email) and there are Changing Faces practitioners who help patients who need support living with a condition that alters their appearance.

As well as providing these services, we run a national campaign, the evidence based Look at Me skin campaign which is based on creating a well-functioning health system built on trained and motivated health professionals, a well maintained infrastructure backed by adequate funding, strong health plans and evidence based policies. We aim to improve health and health equity in ways that are responsive and financially fair, and make the best use of available resources.